a Poetic introduction

This is an informative website for people specially

Indians who want to be part of the nano revolution aka nanolution.


I lived in a valence band,
A rockstar of my quantum clan.

Up above the world so high,
A conduction band in the sky.

Destined to jump and help mankind,
My friends and pal had already flied.

Left in the band I was never alone,
There were 1000s of uncles who were flying pros.

After flying, they sooner or later came home from where they were deployed,
Because my father said, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.”

But I was alone sitting in a tree,
Waiting for my turn to get free.

And one day a dream came by,
Told me I need to action and whoa, I was set to fly.

I tried, tried, tried and tried,
But the band gap was pretty high.

I knew no one ever flied solo,
It was an insane dream I liked to follow.

But then one day,
I gathered all my feet,
and ran the longest mile,
kept running till I flee!

I flied, flied and flied, until I saw a carbon nanotube in sight,
and I was all set to go solo, for the fist time in electron-kind;
took my leap,
and jumped with all my high.

After a while I saw a glimpse of light,
that is when I realized,
I jumped so high and I came to life.

Single Electron

Myself single electron from India,

I come here to give knowledge and

understanding of  nanotechnology.


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