Grad Courses

So you are not enrolled in any college yet and you have atleast a bit interest in nanotechnology cz thats why you are reading this, tell me if I am wrong.  

So what is there in India at bachelors level in the field of nanotechnology. There wasnt much, but there are few now and its growing, so its better to take seats now, cz when nanotechnology boom comes in you will be the driver and not a passenger. And trust me you want to be the driver.

So here we go,

1. All IITs – Yes, all IITs have B.Tech in Nanotechnology and some have combined B.Tech and M.Tech too which saves you one year and finishes in 5. So if you are hard working enough to crack IIT, it is the best place to learn nanotechnology in India.

2. Delhi Technological University (Deltech) former DCE  –  They dont have a bachelor course in nanotechnology as such but they have something called B.Tech in Engineering physics, which if u pursue further, will automatically lead to quantum physics, which is the whole and soul of nanotechnology.

3. NITs : No NIT has yet started bachelor course in nanotechnology! Well hello government, time to wake up!!

4.  Amity Univerity : Yes, they have excellent infra and they also have B.Tech in Nanotechnology. Like IIT they also have an Integrated M.Tech program which also save you one year. I personally know a friend, who did integrated in nanotechnology from Amity and then went on to research in Italy and is currently a Madam Curie Fellow in UK researching in photovoltaics (solar cells). Nanotechnology is all about learning learning learning and thinking, irrespective of college. more info

5.  Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Sultanpur : B.Tech ((Mechanical Engineering(Material Science and Nanotechnology)) more info

6. Univeristy of Petroleum and Energy studies(UPES), Dehradun : B.Tech (Material Science specialization in Nanotechnology). more info

7.  SRM University, Kattankulathur – B.Tech

Well guys these are the universities who are offering nano at grad level. But a piece of advice from an electronics and communication engineer, it doesnt matter what you study at grad level, if it is anything science and mathematics, you can always take up the nanotechnology path. But a bachelors in nano can make you move faster towards the driver seat in this awesome just around the corner revolution called Nanolution. Stay tuned.

Feel free to talk to me.


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