Targeted Drug Delivery : Overview of FDA approved nanoparticle platforms

I know its a boring job to read journal publishings which are so dull and boring and without nice pictures and animations but they are the ones carrying the keys to the better future. One such paper is “State-0f-the-art design rules for targeted drug delivery platforms: Lessons learned from FDA approved platforms.”


This paper was published in Journal of Controlled Release 187 (2014)  from page 133 to 144. Author of this paper is C.M.Dawidczyk and team.

[You can find the original paper here.]

To help you gain interest and to give you a better insight on the discussions of this paper, I have prepared a powerpoint presentation. I hope this presentation helps you understand in a simpler and better way and motivate you to take up the original paper and read it thoroughly to unlock the magical box of novel ideas hidden in you.

This is a review presentation and rights of its content (except images) are owned by the author and his team.


Design rules for targeted drug delivery and Lessons learned from FDA approved platforms


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